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Devices "Dead Man"



Wearable terminals for solo work. Web platform for online monitoring of health events, falls and immobility.

Sending automatic alarms to worker supervisors.


Trabajos en solitario
Man Down Detector



Watch or pendant type devices that detect impact against a surface in the event of a fall.

They alert once the event has occurred through calls to predefined phones and SMS.

Regulation of the fall sensor according to activity.

Smartwatch with pulse and blood pressure sensor to detect syncope or blackouts.

Indicates the GPS position of the worker

Wandering control



Biomedical devices with GPS positioning through its own terminal supported by mobile networks and wi-fi connection.

The associated Biohesy platform allows you to view the position of the worker on Google maps.

Allows position tracking up to every 5 minutes.

You can activate multiple security perimeters . In case of exceeding it, a warning message is sent to the supervisors.

The Biohesy system allows to control the steps carried out as well as the inactivity.

Warehouse Operator


The Biohesy application connected to our devices allows us to monitor the operator's shift on any logistics platform.

Impact sensor .

Speed control

Inactivity alarms.

Control of stress due to cardiac pulse alterations.

Dust and water resistant devices.

All allow to speak through them independently of a mobile external terminal

Support to Security Guards


Support system for workers who carry out surveillance tasks alone.

In an emergency you can press the SOS button and connect to the helpline.

Tracking of positions by time slot.

We also have wearables with a built-in video camera.

Trabajador ferroviario
Techador en el Trabajo
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