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Device + High + Connection fees forever.

Registration of up to 3 supervisors.

Biohesy smartwatch with pulse sensor, SOS button, GPS and video camera to activate remotely. 4G, Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

Smartwatch SCM15 Full

€340.00 Regular Price
€306.00Sale Price
  • General specifications 
    Dimension 47.5mm * 16.9mm
    Weight 65g
    Rechargeable backup battery, 3.7V, 580mAh
    Charging voltage 5V DC
    Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 80 ° C to work
      -30 ° C to + 70 ° C for storage
    Battery life Up to 48 hours with normal use
    IPX8 waterproof
    AMOLED display
      Hardware sensor heart rate, motion and vibration sensor
    4-pin magnet connectors for charging
    Na-SIM card slot without SIM card; esim card
    1G DRAM + 8G DROM flash memory
    Integrated microphone and speaker
    WIFI 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4G
    BLE BT4.1
      GPS MT6625L GPS Chipset
    Supports GPS and Glonass
    Receiver frequency 1575.42 MHz
    Cold start approx. 26 s
    Hot start about 2s
    Hot start about 1s
    Antenna Built-in curved laser antenna
      Packing information Standard accessories EV-05 device
    Charging base
    Magnetic USB Cable
    User manual
    Packing box
    Main features :
    1. 4G calls
    4G calls directly to and from the watch
    2. SOS alerts
    Can be programmed to dial trusted contacts and even emergency services when pressed
    3. Reminder notices

    4. Location by request

    5. Ble Connect
    Connect to your charging cradle for indoor placement.
    6. Security callback
    Hands-free response available in emergencies.
    7. Step counter
    Track and encourage daily movement to promote health and vitality.

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